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June 8, 2010
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Naturally connected by bymano Naturally connected by bymano
An image with poppies. I find it very interesting :).
Resources are my own. Original here [link]
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gabrigrafika Jun 8, 2010  Professional Interface Designer
Thaaank you :).
I think I prefer the other one... not only because of the lovely fish, but because of its composition...
but I wanted to ask you - what is the meaning of the written words for you, integrated with the image...
Iram you are surprising me because I'm looking at your gallery for a while... I see your inclination to abstract (for me abstract means feeling or math rarely a combination of this... but yours is pure feeling) and in the same time I see a curiosity to understand things. That means a very rational mind ;). Nice.

The original image is here [link] - the third one from the end of gallery.

This is simple it's about connection by to the same species.

The other one sais about connection between different species. I have another one that I don't like it very much - with people connected in dreams. You can see here [link]

In this case, the poppies were one higher and lower and I imagine if rain... the drops flowing like tears on the smaller one. This is my line drawing...

If I draw two lips instead of drop "of water" the image became very sensual...

Well this image let you play in many directions... it has a lot of potential :).
yes... it is a VERY sensual image... that's part of its beauty and charm...
but it was sensual the same WITHOUT the written words, or the white drawing lines you added... (I hope you don't mind me saying it...)
as for the rain - I believe by emphasizing the rain, you reduce other options which might aroused here - more sensual ones.... :)

(smile) thanks for the compliments above :hug:
:D... I don't mind saying your opinion. You always said and I like it.

If I let it independent could be without words but usual I like work in serie and there is always a line (beside color, style) that bind entire collection... if no grow this one, maybe I let it naked :). I keep in my mind.

I do say everything I think :lol:
oh yes, I understand what you're saying about series features and all of that -
and beside - I love very much any sort of hand painting over a photo... it always has great and varied potential of added complexity and interest...
I looked again to your image now, after hearing your explanation, and I change my mind to agree with you :)
yes usual such things guide the eye precisely.

I really apreciate your objectiv thinking.

yees it is... quite more than that.
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